Racing Service

AiM Racing Service

Italian brand racing service

Since its foundation Racing Measurementsis aware of the importance of the development of teams and pilots. The Italian manufacturer AiM has an important role in this development andRacing Measurements is Distributor and Racing Service in exclusive. If you want us to take care of the data of your team please contact us.

We specialize in data systems for racing, we help you to select the right system to your needs. It presents in all the modalities of the motor racing, formulas, tours, rallies etc, offering our service of analysis of data on track for equipment and pilots.

Race measurements are the only supplier at the foot of the track in the most important championships in our geography. AIM Racing Service is present in the circuits.

Racing Service

AiM brand Racing Service for national and international competitions.


We collaborate with all the teams, pilots and preparers.

Presence on track

Present in the most important competitions of the calendar. CEK, CER, CERA, Series Rotax, 24h Series


We bring our experience in competition to all our clients.

Private Test

Private training for pilots and teams.

Data acquisition

Reading and interpreting telemetry data.

Specific systems

Installation of specific data acquisition systems.

Data analysis

Analysis and assessment of car setup.

Product optimization

Product optimization and competition assistance.


 Contact: 616056040

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